Education Partnerships

Since 2012 our education partnerships with Biberach schools have served the purpose of deepening and stabilizing pedagogic cooperation. Educational work evolves as a collaborative effort and is designed for active, creative, and lasting implementation.

Under our professional guidance, the students are given access to our treasured collection of originals. In our departments and in the activity room they learn through their own explorations, examinations, and reflections. Skills are honed and knowledge becomes an experience.

The collaboration with our partners goes beyond a few visits to the museum and provides special pedagogic opportunities through a project-oriented approach at a place of learning outside of school. Parallel to school-based learning, the students are given the opportunity to make a new quality of experience. They are motivated and develop a broader understanding as well as new ways of engaging. This approach allows the students to get to know the museum as a place of learning and experiencing through active participation and co-determination.

Cooperation Partners