Children and Families

The different departments and special exhibitions at the Museum Biberach offer a wide-ranged program for children and families. Besides regular events, such as the children’s workshop on Saturdays, parties for children and families as well as holiday programs promise action-packed explorations of the museum and its collection.

The Children’s Workshop on Saturdays

The museum’s activity room invites children aged 5-10 to take part in guided creative activities on changing themes from 10:30 to 12:30 a.m. on Saturdays outside of the school holidays. The language is German.
The current themes are listed in our events calendar:


Since the number of participants is limited, we kindly ask you to book in advance via phone +49 7351/51-331 or email at If there are still free spots on the day itself, children can take part in the workshop spontaneously. The price per child is 5 Euros.

Children’s Birthday Parties

Children are welcome to have their friends over for birthday parties at our museum. The two-hour events are supervised by our staff and are divided into a narrative and a practical part. Currently we offer parties at the departments on archaeology, municipal history, natural history, and weaving. In some cases, the second part of the program is also conducted in the activity room.

Cost for groups up to 15 children: 60 euros and material costs (1-3 euros per child).

Theme 1: A Stone-Age Adventure

Up in the attic of the old hospital we travel to the past where we encounter mammoths and reindeer and discover fascinating things about life in a stone-age pile dwelling settlement. We’ll learn how to start a fire and make Stone-Age jewelry and bone points to take home as keepsakes.

Theme 2: Der Schwarze Veri (Black Veri)

At the robbers’ birthday party, we’ll meet Black Veri and his band of outlaws. We’ll immerse ourselves in the lives of the robber families and speak the bandits’ secret language. We’ll also make our own robber’s symbols and purses.

Theme 3: A Visit to the Ichthyosaurs

While exploring the formation of mountains, we meet the great dinosaurs of primeval times as well as little flies caught in amber. We’ll make prints of ammonites, belemnites, and fossilized shells to take home as keepsakes.

Theme 4: Spinning Tales and Weaving Dreams

We’ll spin and weave just like in medieval times. At activity stations we learn how flax is turned into fibers and yarn into linen – not only by watching, but also by trying out everything ourselves!

Children’s Holiday Program

During the summer holidays, we offer varied programs on a wide range of topics. Besides workshops, in which children can take part individually, we also supervise groups.

Would you like to book a children’s birthday party or visit us with your group during the holidays? Please contact us: