Encounters: From Representation to Idea

Abstraction Processes in Color and Form


Date: 12.10.2022


Date: 05.03.2023

A project developed in cooperation with the Wieland Gymnasium as part of the education partnership Schule-Museum (School – Museum)

Over the course of seven months, the students of the grade 12 visual arts intensive course explored the concept of artistic work and the museum as an exhibition venue.

The students visited the special exhibition »Ernst Ludwig Kirchner. Animal Life in the Davos Alps« and the festival »motiva«, where they also met artists. These diverse and personal encounters at the museum were inspiring and enriching for all the participants. Based on this experience, the students immersed themselves in individual examinations of artworks they picked out independently in the department »Art of the 20th and 21st Century«.

After producing copies (representations), the students proceeded to create their own interpretations (ideas) of the chosen works. This was an exercise in capturing the essence. Working their way from the emancipation of color to autonomous color, the participants arrived at the Cubist principle of formal reduction and abstraction.
The exhibition presents the resulting series next to the respective original works in the presentation of the collection, their place of origin.

art.map.click – The Wieland Gymnasium’s Digital Art Trail

Welcome to this virtual art trail in and around Biberach. At selected artworks, you can learn a lot about and from the artists. The students of the Wieland Gymnasium have also included their own artistic responses, explorations, and reactions. Take a click onto the art map!

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