Biberach is an old weaving town and has belonged to the Upper German linen region since the Middle Ages. Under the guidance of Ulm and Augsburg, the region switched to fustian weaving in the 14th century. Fustian is a blended fabric made from local linen and imported cotton. The cloth was always warmer and more colorful than conventional linen and became a coveted commodity.

In the 15th and 16th century, Biberach continued to profit from fustian. Large trading companies imported the fabric to Antwerp and Lyon.
The exhibition conveys the laboriousness as well as the artistry of weaving by hand. The centerpieces of the presentation are two handlooms which are in use every Saturday afternoon. Pay us visit and watch our weavers carry out this old craft!

Handwoven table sets are available at the museum shop.

Weaving demonstrations can be viewed every Saturday from 2 to 5 pm or by appointment:, +49 7351 51 331