Ernst Ludwig Kirchner

»It’s not about how close one’s work is to nature, but about doing everything with true feeling.«
E.L. Kirchner, Davos 1926

As a co-founder of the artist group »Die Brücke« (The Bridge), Ernst Ludwig Kirchner (1880-1938) is one of the best-known Expressionists of Classic Modernism. After his metropolitan motifs and portrayals of bathers during his time in Dresden and Berlin, the works he produced in his adoptive home Davos from 1918 onwards allowed him to become one of the most important painters of the Alpine world in the 20th century, alongside Giovanni Segantini, Ferdinand Hodler, and Giovanni Giacometti.

Since 1967 the Museum Biberach has been able to show an expansive selection of works from Ernst Ludwig Kirchner’s estate because his brother Ulrich Kirchner lived in Biberach. Since dedicating a special department to the artist in 2002, the Museum Biberach has exhibited his work extensively in changing selections. The presentation centers on Kirchner’s time in Davos and comprises paintings, woodcuts, aquarelles, and drawings.