Art of the 20th to 21st Century

The modern and contemporary collection of the Museum Biberach includes works by artists from Biberach and the rural district, such as Maria Caspar Filser, HAP Grieshaber, Romane Holderried Kaesdorf, Horst Reichle, Hermann Schenkel, and Hermann Weber.

The works by the Biberach painter Jakob Bräckle (1897-1987) play a key role in the collection because they exemplify the art historical developments in the 20th century (broken down to convey the situation in Biberach). Bräckle’s landscapes “traverse” almost an entire century, starting from New Objectivity to Expressive Realism to abstract and constructivist tendencies. In 2001 Bräckle’s studio was translocated to a separate room within the Museum Biberach. A comparison with the 19th-century Braith-Mali Studios illustrates the evolvement of the artistic self-concept in the 20th century.

In the field of design, the Museum Biberach presents models by the Biberach ceramicist and industrial designer Heinz H. Engler (1928-1986), whose stackable set »Bauscher B 1100« became the most frequently purchased tableware in the international food service industry.