Interactive Learning

The students of the Mali-Gemeinschaftsschule (=combined primary and secondary school) have developed their own Actionbounds for mobile adventures at the Museum Biberach. Visitors can access this app independently with their smartphones to embark on exciting tours and scavenger hunts through the collections.

The Actionbounds are the result of the project »Mali-Detektive« (Mali Detectives), a cooperation between the Biberach Museum and the Mali-Gemeinschaftsschule.

Educational partnership »Mali-Detektive« (Mali Detectives)

The Actionbound for the section »Art of the 17th to 19th Century« takes its users on an entertaining tour through the Braith-Mali Studios and past the jeweled flower basket before it concludes with Modernism and Kirchner’s cat Bobby. The second Actionbound leads visitors to the World Heritage pile dwellings, from the Paleolithic Age to the Alemanni and Heinrich Forschner, the »Heinrich Schliemann of Biberach«. The third Actionbound presents the world of birds in woods and meadows as well as local insects without risk of bites and stings but with highlights such as a hare’s nest or a set of shark teeth.

All you need to access the Bounds on your Smartphone is the free Actionbound app. The QR codes for the tours as well as Internet access via Wi-Fi are available at the reception desk. You can also find the tours by searching for »Museum Biberach« in the app. The Actionbounds are currently only available in German.

The digital project was financed through the initiative »Museum macht stark« (Museums Make Us Strong) by the Deutscher Museumsbund (German Museum Association) with means from the Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung (Federal Ministry of Education and Research).