New Life in the historic Hospital

From Friday, March 10, the Museum Biberach shows student designs for an architectural redesign of the hospital's inner courtyard.


Date: 10.03.2023


Date: 19.03.2023


Museum Foyer

In a two-semester course at Biberach University of Applied Sciences in the Department of Architecture, the Hospital zum Heiligen Geist was studied under the direction of Prof. Rainer Weitschies. The task for the students was to provide "new life in the historic hospital". It was noticed that the inner courtyard is actually unused, but offers great opportunities for events close to the city center. The prerequisite for open-air events, however - as experience teaches - is a weatherproof roof.

The exhibition in the museum foyer presents eight designs by students for upgrading the inner courtyard of the hospital. It is a successful example of practical, innovative university work. For us from Biberach, it is an imaginative, student architectural experiment and perhaps the beginning of a vision.

The opening will take place on Friday, March 10 at 11 am. Admission is free.