Festival »motiva«
Young Art from Biberach


Date: 14.04.2022


Date: 24.04.2022

The festival »motiva. Young Art from Biberach« presents nine young artists who grew up in Biberach and are now embarking on their artistic journeys as students and freelance artists at different locations and academies in Germany and abroad.

At the same time, the past two years of crisis have had a defining impact on the artists’ budding careers. Proceeding from their experiences of the current zeitgeist, the festival looks ahead and asks: Why are you here? What’s on your mind? How do you feel? The participants use these three leading questions to provide insights into their artistic work and thought processes, and to inspire visitors to find their own answers.

The participating artists are Anne Dolkemeyer, Tim Fritzsche, Luca Göpper, Hannah Held, Maria Kley, Stefan Kraupner, Janine Rosenbrock, Viviane Rossknecht, and Athina Schulz. The festival’s central starting point is the exhibition »motiva. Young Art from Biberach« in the Museum Biberach’s hall for special occasions; the extensive supporting program includes interactive tours, conversations with the artists, creative workshops, and actions.