The Museum Biberach

The Museum Biberach was founded in 1902 and comprises the departments art, history, natural history, and archaeology. This multi-branch institution was conceived as a civic museum and stands for an open cultural sphere of participation.

Collecting and Exhibiting

On over 2,800 sq m in the historical building complex of the Hospital zum Heiligen Geist, the Museum Biberach presents significant objects and artworks from the town’s almost 1000-year history as well as expansive scientific and archaeological collections.

Besides collecting and preserving regional art- and culture-historical heritage, the institution also houses part of the German Expressionist Ernst Ludwig Kirchner’s estate.

The Museum Biberach’s approach to conveying art, culture, and history is contemporary and geared toward participation. Every six months, special exhibitions on historical and socially relevant contemporary topics are shown in addition to the permanent presentations.

Education and Research

The guided tours as well as the educational program are tailored to different target groups and can be booked individually. A special feature of our communication work are the educational partnerships with local schools, which have integrated the museum into their curriculum.

As a regional research and educational institution, the Museum Biberach is open to all interested visitors. Our research is based on the museum’s collections and involves their academic analysis, processing, publication, and presentation. For this purpose, we cooperate with regional as well as transregional academic institutions. External scholars are also welcome to use our depot and archives.

A Museum for All

We regard the museum as a place of exchange and social participation. Hence, we develop communication formats not only for, but also with the public. Our aim is to support plurality, diversity, and inclusion. We want to encourage visitors to see themselves as part of the museum. Besides internal events, our activity room is also open to initiatives and associations.

We look forward to your visit!

Founding and History